No 2524

I regard this unique locomotive as the great-great-grandfather of the 'Super D'. Number 2524 was the first 0-8-0 engine designed and built by the LNWR, in 1892. A two-cylinder simple design, it was rebuilt to Class D in 1906, rebuilt again to Class G1 in 1925, had a Belpaire firebox fitted in 1932 and was withdrawn in 1949. What a history! If ever a loco deserved to be preserved this one did.

The next 0-8-0 to come out of Crewe was a 3-cylinder compound of Class A, in 1893. Trials were carried out between the two locos to determine which design should be perpetuated and the compound won, which is not surprising as 2524 was handicapped by having a strange design of boiler incorporating a central combustion chamber. The compound did not have this feature. Subsequently 110 more 3-cylinder compounds were built but, after 1903 when Webb retired, his successor George Whale rapidly converted them to two cylinder simples.

As the basis of my model of 2524 I used the Brassmasters kit for the 'Super D'. (The LRM kit for the Class C/C1 was not available at the time.) I foolishly thought that there would be a lot of similarity between the two locos. I was over optimistic; the chassis from the kit was useful but everything else needed drastic modification. For instance, the footplate was not only too long but was too wide as well. It had to be cut into four sections, narrowed, shortened and then reconnected. Eventually, I managed to produce a satisfactory model. When John Redrup of LRM saw it his comment was: "What a nice loco. We will have to do a kit for it!".

No 2524 is powered by an LH21 motor driving the third axle in an underhung position. The second and third axles are rigid and the first and fourth axles are sprung. Pickup is from all eight wheels.

The loco weighs 196grms and exerts a pull of 40grms.

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