'4ft.6in. TANK' Class, No 2498

This model was built from the 'Perseverance' kit which has not been in production for many years and rarely appears on the second-hand market. This is probably no bad thing because it is not accurate. I only discovered some years after I had built it that the model is some 3mm. longer than it should be. The wheelbase is correct but the front and rear overhangs are too long. I have been told that the kit designer worked from drawings which were inaccurate but I cannot vouch for this. Fortunately, London Road Models have recently produced a kit for this class of loco. I have not built one of theirs yet but the designer of the kit has assured me that it is the right length!

Having said all that the 'Perseverance' kit was a delight to build. I fitted springing to the front and rear axles and made the coupled axles rigid. Just for a change the LH21 motor drives the front coupled axle through a 'High Level' gearbox. This arrangement allows me to pack more lead into the right place, near to the centre of the loco. Current collection is by phosphor-bronze wires bearing against the backs of all eight wheels. These also provide some lateral control of the front and rear axles and, in my opinion, keep the loco stable on curved track.

This loco weighs 290grms and exerts a pull of 40grms.

Side view of the '4ft.6in. Tank'

The works

The front axle showing the springing and current pickup wires

The rear axle showing the same thing

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