"CORNWALL"  No 3020

This model was built from the old M&L kit which was later sold by Alan Gibson. It is no longer available and there is no indication that it will ever be reintroduced. The kit occasionally appears on the second-hand market.                                                          

The kit came in two versions, one with a tender and one with the Webb inspection saloon. I bought mine second-hand with the saloon and fitted it with a tender from London Road Models. I have still not yet completed the saloon.                                        

The loco body is a set of white metal castings and the chassis is a chunk of the same with etched brass overlays. Mine is powered by an LH21 motor driving Romford 32mm wheels through a basic worm and wheel gearbox.

With single wheelers it is necessary to provide springing to either the leading or trailing axles, otherwise at dips in the track the driving wheels just spin in mid-air. The better axle to spring is the trailing one so that on starting, when weight is transferred rearwards, the rear axle gives a little and almost all of the weight of the loco rests on the driving wheels. Foolishly, on this loco, I sprang the leading axle. Consequently it pulls quite well backwards but not so well forwards. It therefore spends most of its time pottering around the loco shed where, like the other single-wheelers, it is difficult to get on and off the turntable.                                                                                                               

The main problem I had in painting it was the lining around the slots in the splashers. I use HMRS 'Pressfix' for my lining and each splasher slot was lined with six pieces. I achieved about three slots per evening before my eyes gave up on me. There are 22 slots! 

The loco weighs 235grms and exerts a pull (or in this case a push) of 25grms.

A side view of "Cornwall"

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