This model was built from a kit purchased from Alan Gibson. I believe the kit was originally part of the M&L range. The kit is no longer available and it does not seem likely to be reintroduced, which is a pity as there are very few kits of Webb compounds.

The actual kit that I bought was not, in my opinion, of marketable quality, but whether it was originally put in the box by M&L or Alan Gibson I do not know. The kit is a combination of etched brass and cast whitemetal. My first disappointment with it occurred when I opened the box and unwrapped the contents. There were large sections of some of the castings simply missing! Alan Gibson replaced the castings without comment but I still fail to understand how someone could extract them from the moulds, wrap them in tissue, box them and not realise that they were unfit for sale. So if you are considering buying one of these kits second-hand examine it carefully first or at least make sure you can return it if it turns out to be like mine.

I had further problems with this kit. The front overhang was too long and some of the wheels were the wrong size. I ended up in an acrimonious correspondence with Alan Gibson, which is not a pleasant outcome.

The model is driven by an LH21 motor via two gearboxes, one on each driving axle. Consequently the main wheelbase is rigid, although the leading axle is sprung. Pickup is from all six wheels.

The model weighs 205grms and exerts a pull of 40grms.

Side view of the 'Dreadnought'

The 'Dreadnought''s works showing the twin gearboxes

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