There are six freight trains on my layout:-

     A loaded mineral train.

     An empty mineral train.

     A train of LNWR wagons and vans.

     A train of wagons and vans from other Pre-Grouping railway companies.

     A permanent-way train.

     A train of loco coal wagons supplying the steam shed.

I will describe each in turn.

The loaded mineral train consists entirely of PECO Wonderful Wagons in either the three, five or seven plank versions, loaded with coal or crushed rock. It comprises 26 wagons plus a guard's van and is pulled by either a 3 or a 4-cylinder 0-8-0. PECO Wonderful wagons were first produced in 1954 and were very advanced for their day. They had embossed printed card sides, sprung buffers and working springs, a feature unheard of at that time. I still have the first one I bought and, over the years, I have built up a complete collection of the three, five and seven plank versions. Chassis and some card sides are still available from PECO and, if you send them an SAE, they will supply a complete list of all the wagons they ever produced. Alternatively, you can obtain the same information by going to, clicking the link to 'E-Group' and then the link to 'Peco Wonderful Wagons Listing'.

The empty mineral train consists of the remainder of my collection of PECO wagons, 26 in total, plus a guard's van. It is usually pulled by the 2-cylinder 0-8-0 or the SDX.

The LNWR goods train comprises 13 wagons and vans plus a guard's van and is pulled by the Cauliflower or the Coal Engine. The vehicles come from various sources, mainly Ratio and D&L.

The train of Pre-Grouping freight stock includes vehicles from the Caledonian, Glasgow and South Western, North British, North Eastern, Lancashire and Yorkshire, Midland, Great Central and Great Western. It is meant to illustrate the complexity of freight operations in the late Victorian era. It is usually pulled by the Coal Tank or the 4ft-6in 2-4-2 Tank. The vehicles were mainly bought second-hand.

The permanent-way train is parked in the small permanent-way depot attached to the steam shed and is collecting a cargo of rails.

The loco coal wagons supply the coaling stage and are shunted in and out by either the 4ft. Shunter or the Special Tank. The wagons and locos are fitted with B&B couplings which work very well if they are kept in adjustment but are so fragile that they are easily bent.

A few PECO Wonderful Wagons. The Richard White one (third from the left) is the first I ever bought, in 1954

Some LNWR wagons and vans

Freight vehicles from other Pre-Grouping railways

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