This model is built from a GEM kit. Fortunately for the LNWR modeller, in the 1960s, George E. Mellor produced quite a wide range of kits of LNWR prototypes. I started to build this one in about 1965 and completed it thirty years later! The delay was due to my inability to paint it to my satisfaction until I discovered Halfords spray paints and HMRS Pressfix transfers. I have added quite a lot of detail and substituted an LH21 motor for the original XR4 which protruded into the cab. The model now has a fully detailed cab plus crew.

I have retained the original GEM chassis which came with springing for the leading wheels. This was quite an advanced feature for 1960! An LH21 motor drives the leading driving axle. Pickup is from all six wheels.

The model weighs 200grms and exerts a pull of 35grms.

Side view of the 'Jumbo'

                        The 'Jumbo''s works

 The pieces of metal on top of the frames between the front wheels are imitation valve gear which I often put in to fill up the space between the frames

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