These two locos were built from K's Milestones kits. These were whitemetal kits originally supplied without motors as static display models and first introduced in 1978. K's later produced a motorising kit. Like other K's kits that I have built they required a great deal of fettling to produce a satisfactory model, but they are not short of weight.

I retained the K's wheels and fitted LH21 motors and normal worm and wheel gearboxes. I fitted fairly firm springing to the trailing axles so that, when the loco starts to pull, the rear of it sinks slightly, weight is transferred to the driving wheels and, hopefully, the train starts to move. If the track is level they will start away with a five coach train. I use them to pull my 'aristocrat's special' in a suitable, stately, manner.

They are devils to get on and off the turntable, the preferred technique being to go on and off at speed. They no doubt had the same problem in real life but then they could send another loco along to give them a pull or a push.

It is not surprising that George Whale scrapped the class shortly after he succeeded Frank Webb.

Each loco weighs 230grms and exerts a pull of 24grms.


"Lady of the Lake"

The inside of the 'Lady'


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