'SPECIAL TANK' Class, No 3368

This model was constructed from the LRM kit just as it came out of the box. LRM state that this kit has more parts to it than any other of their kits but do not let that put you off. It is perfectly straightforward to build though rather time consuming.

I fitted mine with a rocking axle at the front, a sprung centre axle and a rigid rear axle. The drive is on to the rear axle from an LH21 motor and a conventional worm and wheel gearbox. It is fitted with B&B auto-couplings and spends its time moving wagons of loco coal around the loco shed. The B&B couplings work well when they are in adjustment but are very fragile. The slightest knock upsets them.

This loco weighs 222grms and exerts a pull of 55grms.

The 'Special Tank'

The split in the boiler caused by expansion of the 'Liquid Lead'  ballast

The Works

The Underside

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